The web gives you a direct conduit to the world.

It allows you to showcase anything you want to show and say about your brand.

Social media allows you to be as popular and influential as world leaders.

Your site is a storefront, a showroom, a movie screen, an art gallery, a library of information.

It’s modular, flexible, and infinite in its possibilities.  You can update it and change it as often as your change you mind.

Sticky regards your online communication as a vital way to sell, involve, entertain, educate, brand, and deliver your brand experience to customers.

And a super-powerful way to extend the value of your marketing budget.

Because with its ability to reach customers wherever and whenever, it gives you reach and impact that doesn’t require or rely on paid media.

Sticky will do more than deliver functionality to your website.

We will develop and provide a concept and content.

Perhaps you need an engaging centerpiece for all of your communication touch-points, from your landing page to trade show materials, to decals on the side of a company truck — one that illustrates the wide array of services you provide.

Sticky will develop and deliver that concept, as we’ve done for Specialized Onsite Services, which provides skilled non-union workers for 39% less than union rates.

SOS_CU_940_x_520For Specialized Onsite Services, Sticky conceived and designed this cityscape with SOS workers busy throughout, then commissioned Swedish illustrator Arvid Wessman to turn it into this engaging and very detailed pixel artwork.

Perhaps you need a new name and design for your product, and then need a website and packaging so you can sell that product to distributors.

Sticky will develop that new brand identity, and then the digital and sales assets you need, as we did for Infinity Product Group and its line of jewelry accessories for cell phones and tablets, which became the JAXX Collexxion.

JAXX_Photos_940_x_520For Infinity Product Group, Sticky created a new name, logo, packaging, and website for its new line of cell phone and tablet accessories.

Perhaps you need to romance your business with professional video, photography, and writing that allow customers to share the experience online.

Sticky will regard your site as a TV screen, to deliver that experience directly to potential customers, as we have done for The Chew Chew Restaurant.

Chew_Chew_Booth_940_x_520Chew_Chew_Burger_940_x_520Chew_Chew_Check_Please_940_x_520For the award-winning Chew Chew Restaurant, Sticky created a new video and website that romance the entire restaurant experience and emphasize the restaurant’s connection to trains and the commuter line nearby.  Sticky provide photography, writing, design, an updated logo, and even web navigation designed like the stops on a train line.

Perhaps you need all of the essential elements needed to start a new company, including a logo, a website, sales materials, names and labels for your products, IT support, and even translation to do business in China.

Sticky will dive into all of those areas and function like a marketing partner, as we’ve done with Good Year Wines, a company based near Bordeaux, France that markets French and South African wines to China.

Good_Year_Wines_Labels_940_x_520Sticky has served as a marketing partner to Good Year Wines, as it has established business relationships with wine buyers in China.  Sticky has designed not only the website, but also wine labels, plus the marketing materials (complete with Chinese translation) for Good Year Wines to use at trade shows in cities like Chengdu.

Sticky provides marketing, branding, writing, design, videos, photography, and interactive ideas that help you promote your products and services, and all of the other very specific and critical elements that make your digital communication complete.

Sticky can help you establish goals and objectives, a brand identity, a tone and a personality — all of the essential elements that every brand needs, especially online, where the entire world can see you and your competitors with just a click.

If you need to set up an e-commerce platform, Sticky can help you do that.

If you want to feature a video that showcases your work and endorsements by your customers, Sticky can help you do that.

If you want someone to manage your day-to-day online presence, Sticky can help you do that.

To learn more about the infinite ways that digital can enable a brand, contact us here.