Our people have created Super Bowl commercials, Emmy-nominated campaigns and other integrated marketing recognized and awarded around the world for effectiveness and creative excellence. Our client experience includes some of the most prestigious and popular brands, and some of the most noble charities. We work within all budgets across all traditional and non-traditional media. Our film “Hello, Sister” was cited by Philip Hersch of The Chicago Tribune as his favorite of all films presented by the city of Chicago to the International Olympic Committee during its bid for the 2016 Summer Games.

We like to get in at the ground level to not only help brands but to create them. Our services include name generation, logos, identity kits, new products, branded content, online destinations, special events, games and other touchpoints that help clients develop strong relationships with customers.

Sticky is frequently hired by a range of companies — from Fortune 500 retailers to startups to some of the world’s largest and most recognized advertising agencies — to provide concepts, strategic insight, creative supervision and digital expertise for their new campaigns, new business pitches, productions and presentations. We enjoy these partnerships and projects, and our clients gain our experienced and valuable perspective. We can help you identify and better leverage existing brand equities, or help you to create new ones that help you carve out a unique position in the market. Our people have more than 100 years of advertising and marketing experience across all media and disciplines. So if you’re looking for additional firepower, fresh thinking, technical advice or guidance as you review new strategies, new work or new agencies for your business, contact us at 312-373-9349 or

Sticky combines a strong conceptual advertising background and a dynamic visual style to create logos, identity kits, ads, posters, billboards, packaging, collateral, web sites and other marketing materials for all digital and traditional media. We collaborate with some of the world’s best designers, artists and illustrators to develop a distinct look and personality for each client and assignment. We designed this logo for the management company for 11 West Illinois, a special building in the Chicago Loop that was the former headquarters for the renowned Hedrich Blessing architectural and archival photography.

Sticky can provide you with a big conceptual theme, engaging audio-visual presentation and interactive elements wherever you have a live audience or crowd — big or small. We can help your company stand out from the clutter of a large trade show, or entertain in a more intimate social setting. We can even help you plan and coordinate unique “partnership parties” that match you with great beverage and food sponsors and venues. Our event series called Third Thursdays has brought together the worlds of art, music, sports and entertainment, and was featured in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Sticky works with its partners to create interactive ideas and campaigns that help clients engage their customers wherever they go. We can turn mobile devices into conduits to immersive brand experiences. Ask us how the combination of creativity and technology can help you leverage your existing marketing assets and touchpoints and extend your media dollars.

Our people collectively have decades of experience in broadcast, digital and print production. We have written, produced, directed and edited hundreds of scripts, created new products, photographed and published books, and launched web sites and companies. Today’s marketplace demands fresh new ways to reach and engage consumers. We especially enjoy these opportunities to invent a variety of branded content, from short and long-format films and documentaries, web episodes, interactive games, digital destinations that invite consumer participation, gallery shows, books and much more.

We’ve seen enough strategies to know they’re as important as a blueprint is to building a house. Almost all great creative work starts with a clear, compelling and insightful strategy. We have a simple system for developing a strategy, but it isn’t paint-by-numbers. We ask the same questions, but each time get different answers. No two brands, no two products, no two assignments ever get the same brief. The real task is in making it useful to everyone on our team and yours. That means it must be clear enough to be actionable, profound enough to be inspirational, focused enough to be gospel, flexible enough to allow for magical discoveries, and detailed enough so that anyone involved can understand exactly what needs to be done. It’s why we call it Glue. Glue holds it all together. To learn more, click on the Concept link above. To get harder working strategies for your business, contact

Today’s market conditions dictate that many clients now need a more streamlined and more efficient way to develop impactful advertising. With our production division Shikaakwa, Sticky is able to combine outstanding creative marketing credentials with high-end production capabilities to provide clients with a comprehensive yet compact video communications resource. Like an ad agency, we use insight and strategy to develop concepts, scripts and storyboards. Like a production company, we then film, edit and score those ideas. This concept-to-consumer approach means a singular vision that cuts protracted process and cost. So if you need a dynamic commercial, online film, brand video or trade show piece, but you don’t want to hire an agency that will then hire a production company with a costly solution, hire us. And if you already have an agency (or are an agency), that’s ok, too. We’ve helped other client and agency partners without turning the production into a production. To learn more, click here or on the Shikaakwa link below.

Sticky can help you plan, design, build, implement and manage all of your online and other digital needs. We develop web sites, interactive campaigns, rich media and applications for companies and clients that range from the very corporate to the very creative. We have experience with HTML5, Flash and most other key programming platforms. We can provide you with e-commerce solutions that are not only sexy but scalable. And we can also deliver metrics and analysis so you know exactly how you are performing.