Sticky created this short documentary to introduce parents to this worldly school.

Director and editor Don Pogany of Sticky had the opportunity to share that experience in an Intercultural Montessori newsletter:

“Recently I had the privilege to create a short documentary video for Intercultural Montessori Language School, titled Citizens of the World. Throughout several planning visits and three days to videotape, I was able to witness in full a dynamic atmosphere and approach to teaching that any parent should regard as affirmation of Intercultural as a truly extraordinary and inspiring place for education. Beyond the practical real world (and worldly) rewards gained through a dual-language experience, what is also nurtured at Intercultural is a genuine love for learning. From the moment they are dropped off by parents and greeted by teachers, the students’ sense of purpose is palpable. They are open-minded and focused. They demonstrate initiative. Within minutes, there is evidence of the target language serving as a tool to explore an entire curriculum: geography, history, science, mathematics, botany, zoology, and the arts. The foundations established at the primary level are built upon at the elementary level, where the ability to speak, read, and write in two languages truly blossoms. More important, it is clear Intercultural students develop respect for themselves and others. They exude confidence and caring. They engage in activities with a big picture mindset: a multicultural world to which we are all personally connected and responsible. From life practices to academic studies, there is a flow, an awareness, and an appreciation for the relationships between people, places, things, and even ideas. There is also balance. Balance between independence and interaction with others. Between personal goals and global considerations. Between self-discovery and structured guidance. It takes but an hour observing any Intercultural classroom to dispel any misconceived notions about the Montessori method being too loose or undisciplined for meaningful learning. The fact is, teachers move fluidly and intuitively throughout the classroom to steer each student with the precise amount of direction and guidance needed, and to maintain the expected order, behavior, and etiquette. It’s actually a wondrous process of mentorship to watch. In one moment, teachers are peers and partners to the students. In another, they are shepherds and stewards. During circle time, when the class gathers to read stories and sing songs, the teachers command the attention of the entire group. Academic materials are explored in depth and detail. We owe Intercultural teachers thanks and gratitude for developing our children into better students, and even better people. They are truly dedicated and obviously love what they do. No wonder Montessori has created so many innovators: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Jeff Bezos, George Clooney, Sean Combs, Beyonce Knowles, John and Joan Cusack, Taylor Swift, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Anthony Doerr, Helen Keller, Anne Frank, Julia Child, Katherine Graham, Peter Drucker, T. Berry Brazelton, Will Wright, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Princess Noor, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and Joshua Bell, among others. As Intercultural parents, we may soon proudly admire the great achievements of our own children, as they become citizens of the world.”