Sticky recently produced this 15-minute documentary titled “Parts Of American History” for home appliance parts distributor giant C.E. Sundberg, to celebrate the company’s 100-year anniversary in 2012. The video, shot in HD, features new Owner, Chairman and CEO Bob Burke, Chief of Staff Karen Daniels and their growing team of new leadership and veteran employees, as they prepare for the company’s upcoming move to a new 110,000 square-foot building near Midway Airport in Chicago. Highlights of the story, much of which is accompanied by the classical music of the “Brandenburg Concertos,” include interviews with key employees, and montages of the shipping team at the current facility and the construction crew at the new building, as they work in concert separately yet simultaneously to get the job done. Another sequence shows vintage home appliances, some of which date back to even before 1912, from the collection of long-time employee and general manager, Tom Schmitt. The end of the piece shows time-lapse video of the new warehouse site, as members of the Berglund Construction company work like bees to get the building prepared for our Grand Opening this fall.  Special thanks to Mario Grozdanovic of Equilibrium IT Solutions and Jack Jacobs of Berglund Construction for coordinating the time-lapse cameras.  DP: Aaron Hui. Production: Shanead Mueller and Nan Xu.  Full credits at the end of the video.

Sticky also developed an integrated campaign that introduced a newsletter named “The Second Century,” direct mail, a sweepstakes promotion, “Greetings From…” postcards representing the company’s 22 locations turned into in-warehouse posters, signage, and — in keeping with the company’s expansion — a change of the company name from C.E. Sundberg to Sundberg America.

For the Grand Opening, Sticky also designed Sundberg private labels for soda made and bottled by Filbert’s, the Midwest’s last independent soda maker.  Filbert’s told the client the private labels were the best they’d seen in the 30 years they’d been doing them.