Learn more about The Equestrians and get group buying power with All Brands Rise at The Quest Productions.

Our new brand entertainment + HD video production unit The Quest Productions is creating an entertainment series called The Equestrians.

The Equestrians will feature music, fashion, travel, and lifestyle to leverage the massive brand potential of this fascinating yet often exclusive world.

The Equestrians already features brands such as MINI, Cavalleria Toscana apparel, and boots from Parlanti Roma and Der Dau, Footing First, Beval Saddlery, locations such as the Washington International Horse Show, Dressage at Devon, World Equestrian Center, The Royal Horse Show, and the International Gold Cup Races, the University of Auburn Tigers and University of Georgia Bulldogs, JOTT, Culinary Collective, and some of the world’s top riders, including two-time U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist McLain Ward.

The Quest Productions Equestrians will provide original content, strategic marketing, digital and film services, integrated sponsorships, and a media platform to give brands greater reach and impact.

This video for MINI also features Cavalleria Toscana apparel and Parlanti Roma boots, from Beval Saddlery.

This video is for lightweight down jackets by JOTT (Just Over The Top), popular with equestrians and other active people.

With eight episodes and 96 stories planned, The Equestrians will provide dozens of opportunities for brands to participate at many levels of involvement, and to get group buying power through All Brands Rise.

An added bonus: Each sponsor, in addition to being part of the series, will receive its own HD video about its brand. It’s a tremendous value.

Studies have shown that more than 60% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that delivers custom content.

The equestrian world already attracts advertisers and customers from business categories with the largest digital ad spending.

Digital ad spending in the U.S. for 2015 was projected to be $58.61 billion, led by retail ($12.91 billion), automotive ($7.3 billion), financial services ($7.19 billion), telecom ($6.5 billion), consumer packaged goods ($4.98 billion), travel ($4.86 billion), computers/consumer electronics ($4.45 billion), media ($3.39 billion),entertainment ($2.81 billion), and healthcare/pharmaceutical ($1.64 billion).

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