Rollergirl, created exclusively for Sticky by Kustaa Saksi, was featured and projected over 75 feet tall in The Hague in a spectacular outdoor exhibition sponsored by Maxalot. The show was the 4th edition of Maxalot’s Today’s Art Festival, which used two DLP video projectors (20K ansilumen each) to showcase in dramatic fashion the work of 24 of the world’s rising artists. What made the visual display, including Rollergirl (bare tatas and all), even more intriguing was its location: the City Hall building in The Hague, the de facto seat of government in The Netherlands. (What other country would be so liberal?)

Maxalot, formerly located in Barcelona, is the Amsterdam-based gallery that brings together graphic design, iconography, street art and all hybrids in between to create exhibitions and creative projects related to the art of image-making. Since its debut in 2003, Maxalot has set a course to become an influential force in the global graphic and design community and now incorporates a gallery and online boutique offering unique objets d’art, and limited edition prints and graphic wallscapes created by the cream of graphic society.

Kustaa Saksi, Finland’s finest export, combines organic touches and viscous shapes into new world psychedelia.

When we originally asked Kustaa to do a piece for us, we gave him free reign to do whatever he wanted; it just had to work with our name.  In the weeks prior, Kustaa, a Scandinavian with pale skin who is used to six-month winters, had just been in hot and humid southeast Asia, which gave him the inspiration for Rollergirls (yes, there are twins).

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