Four important truths:

Today’s consumer is both as receptive and as resilient to influence as ever. The digital age gives everyone instant access to the same information. News isn’t new for long. But when everyone can see the same thing at the same time, it’s easy to feel like one of the masses.

On a human level, that connectedness is comforting. But for the consumer, it sets off a defense mechanism that seeks a balance between belonging and individuality. So what is the key ingredient to capturing the consumer’s interest and love?


When the consumer finds you, you both become more special – you for being the discovery and the consumer for being the discoverer. And that bodes well for you and your brand. Because more than ever, the consumer strongly influences other consumers.

Today’s consumer is not just in search of community; she has the ability to start her own. Since the advent of the Internet, there’s been a lot of talk about community as if it were a new dynamic. But ever since humans discovered other humans existed, they’ve sought community.

Our need for community is no stronger than it was 100 years ago. However, it is fair to say that today’s communities are more dynamic.

As is today’s consumer’s ability to start and shape them.

She wants to discover an idea, adopt it, and then share it with friends. Soon, that community’s sphere of influence grows. Others are drawn to its energy. Meaning that sense of discovery and adoption can happen on a large scale.

However, you can know all this and still fail in execution. So it’s important to know how the consumer’s tastes are changing.